Thousands of small crabs crawl around the 13 km. long virgin beach making it look like a simmering field of the red flower Mandar. Years ago the resemblance ignited the imagination of the locals. They named it Mandarboni. In course of time it has become Mandarmani. Mandarmani is a large and fast developing seaside resort village in the state of West Bengal, India. It lies in East Midnapore district and at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal. Mandarmani is connected to Kolkata/Howrah by a highway. It is argued to be the longest driveable beach In India.

Geomorphologically, this area has relatively low waves than nearer tourist beach of Digha. However still this beach is deposition with formation of neo dunes in several areas specially around Dadanpatrabar.  From Contai this can be travelled through a place called Chaulkhola.

Mandarmani boasts of a 13 km long motorable beach, probably the longest motorable beach road in India. This is a drive-in beach. It is an ideal place to relax, far away from the hustle and bustle of Kolkata. The sunrise and sunset are a treat to the eyes. The peaceful atmosphere brings a sense of relief to one's soul. If that is not enough to please your senses, then try to loll on the sand and listen to the waves crashing upon the shore, which will surely drive away your bustling pressure. Relax, swim and enjoy the beach. You are not likely to have many visitors around and that's the beauty of this beach. Activities include table tennis, carrom, beach cricket, beach volleyball, and boat cruises.

Mandarmani is best reached by road. The nearest train station is at Contai and the nearest airport is at Kolkata. The road route from Kolkata is: Esplanade - 63km - Kolaghat - 3km - Mecheda - 80km - Contai - 12.3km - Chawalkhola - 4km - Kalindi - 4km - Dadan 

From Kolkata, catch a bus at Esplanade or at Howrah headed for Chaulkhola. One can avail any bus service headed towards Digha. One needs to get down at Chaulkhola and take the public conveyance from there to Mandarmani.State Transport Buses are available, fare is as cheap as 76 INR per head. A number of Deluxe coaches run daily having fares between 100 to 400 INR. Whiteliners in Kolkata - Digha route (Rs 160/- per head) from Esplanade starts at 7.30 amThere is a newly constructed road parallel to the beach which allows tourists to travel inside Mandarmani. Beach driving is something the locals encourage but it has a seriously adverse affect on the local ecology, not to mention the atmosphere of the beaches. While driving on the beaches keep to the established track or you may risk getting caught in mud or sand.



Mandarmani is quite a new beach destination for tourists. A wide range of hotels and lodges have come up at Mandarmani.

Rose Valley: +919883477099

Masara Beach Resort: +919903861999

Debraj Beach Resort: +913322310909

The Sana Beach +91 90077 25066, 



Travelling Tips

Pack your bag with light cotton clothes to avoid the summer heat;  Don’t miss out to carry sunscreen lotion, as it will help you to minimise the risks of excessive tanning; Before you set out for a drive on the motorable beach, gather information on high tides, because during high tides the water might reach up to the beach level, which can be dangerous.

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