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Sundarban, the largest delta in the world, consists of 10,200 sq km of mangrove forest, spread over India (4200 sq km of Reserved Forest) and Bangladesh (6000 sq km approx of Reserved Forest ) and is also the largest mangrove forest in the world. Click here to read more..


Digha is West Bengal’s most popular sea resort. It is located 187 KM south west of Kolkata. Digha has a low gradient with a shallow sand beach with gentle waves extending up to 7KM in length.
The scenic beauty of this place is charming and alluring. The beach is girdled with Casuarina plantations along the coast enhancing its beauty. These trees apart from beautifying also aid in reducing erosion of the dunes.
One can view both sunrise and sunset at the Digha sea beach. The sunset and sunrise reflecting the salty waters of the Bay of Bengal is something straight off an artist’s canvas.
The sea at Digha is calm and shallow for about a mile from the beach making it quite safe for swimming. Click here to read more....


Mandarmani is a small virgin beach on Bay of Bengal, only a few km from Digha. It is also a small fishing harbour and a fast developing tourist resort. Mandarmani is an obvious choice, if an unexplored sea beach far from the hustle and bustle of the city is what one has in mind. Distinctly different from Digha, Mandarmani will be cherished for its serenity and its beach resorts. Click here to read more....


Chandannagar, formerly known as Chandernagore is a small city and former French colony located 30 kilometres north of Kolkata. It is head quarters of a subdivision in Hooghly District. Located on the Hooghly River, the city has been able to maintain a separate identity different from all other cities and abide by her own characteristics. This small town over a period of 300 years has a unique blend of culture and heritage.

Chandannagar is well connected to Kolkata by railways, roadways and river and it takes about an hour to reach the place.

By Road :Chandannagar is 37 km by road from Kolkata via G.T.Road or Delhi road. Taxis and private cars in Kolkata are easily available to approach Chandannagore.

By Rail :Local trains from Howrah through Eastern Railway main line run very frequently to Chandannagar. Many important express and passenger trains halt here.

By Air : Nearest airport is at Kolkata (Kolkata Airport), which is airlinked with all major Indian and international cities. Chandannagar is only 40 km by road from the airport. Please check Flight Schedules from the airport. If you want to go to airport from Chandernagore, the best option will be to hire a car.

By Water : Government of West Bengal (West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation) operates river services across river Hooghly (Ganga) and also between Chandannagar and Kolkata and Belur.

Places of tourist interest

Chandernagore is famous for its Jagatdhatri Puja. It takes place just one month after the Durga Puja, usually in the month of November. The pandals, street lightings, idols - everything will make you spellbound. Millions of people from different parts of the country come here during that period. The atmosphere then is electrifying, and the whole city buzzes with exuberance. The emersion of idols gets marked with illuminated processions.

Chandannagore Strand

A beautiful tourist spot along the banks of the river Ganga. It is a superbly decorated pavement studded with lights surrounded by lush green trees. Many buildings of historical importance surround the spot. It is very popular visiting spot of the local people and the tourists would love to stroll along enjoying the mild breeze and watching the small boats sail by. Along the strand are present Vivekananda Mandir (a meditation centre) and a protruding structure into the river Ganga.

Chandannagore Museum and Institute

One of the oldest and finest museums of the entire region. It boasts a beautiful collection of French antiques (like cannons used in Anglo-French war, wooden furniture of 18th century, etc.) which are difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

The Sacred Heart Church of Chandannagar

The church stands for over two centuries to mark the beauty of the architecture during the French period — a good place to visit for the historians and tourists alike. The remains of the Church of St. Louis are also an attractive tourist spot.

The Underground House (Patal-Bari)

The building is another beautiful example of the advancement in the knowledge of architecture and the aesthetic sense of the people of those earlier days. Its lowest floor is submerged in the River Ganga. The Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore frequently visited the place and appreciated a lot about the building. He mentioned Patal-bari in many of his famous novels. The famous social reformer Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar also stayed in the building.

Ancient temples

Nandadulal Temple, built in 1740 by Indranarayan Roychoudhury presents an excellent example of ancient Indian sculptures. There are many fascinating temples devoted to Kali, Shiva and other deities which show marks of brilliant craftsmanship and artistic taste.

Chandernagore is also famous for its sweets. Suryakumar Modak, a famous confectioner, apparently invented a new sweet named Jolbhora Sandesh once upon a time. Nowadays, his grandsons operate more than one sweet shops in the city. Don't forget to have a taste of jolbhora. Apart from this, the other sweets and desserts are also very tasty and delicious. 




The town is several centuries old and has witnessed both the growth and decline of the feudal system, the coming of the Danes and their settlement and then a cultural renaissance (known as the Bengal Renaissance) initiated by the British following the construction of the east Indian railway, along with subsequent industrial development.

About 25 kms, from Kolkata to the North, Serampore is one of the few places in India that was colonised by Denmark from 1756 to 1845. The town shot into fame with the educational activities of the English Missionaries like William Carey, Joshua Marshman and William Ward. Serampore College was founded by Carey, when the first Bengali newspaper 'Samachar Darpan" was published and on the display of the museum attached to the College is copies of various bibles and Bengali books translated by Carey and printed here. Also on the display is the Royal Charter from Denmark of 1827 that granted university status to the College long before the University of Calcutta was established. "Maaesher Rath" of Serampore is famous world-wide.

This place is on the west bank of the river Hoogly and well connected with Kolkata by rail and road. Distance between Kolkata and Serampore is just 24 km. It has developed into a major business and trade centre in the Hoogly district.



Bandel Church

The ancient place of Bandel has been a witness to many different kinds of cultures and civilizations. The present day Bandel bears relics to the rich historical heritage and cultural legacies of the bygone golden eras. Representing the varied cultural traditions of the ancient times, Bandel has gained a world wide popularity because of the famous Bandel Church.

Steeped in heritage and culture, the Bandel Church is a testament to the engineering skills of the Portuguese. People from almost all religious communities visit the church to admire its beauty, if not to worship. Almost a century after Vasco da Gama reached the west coast of India, the Portuguese started making inroads into Bengal. By 1599, they had settled in and around the present-day Hooghly district and built the church that after being modified several times is now known as the Bandel Church. An arched gateway forms the main entrance of the church. A statue of Mary, with baby Jesus, on a boat is installed atop the gate.

Take the stairs to the top balcony, where devotees light candles in front of “Our Lady of the Happy Voyage”. The balcony provides a spectacular view of the Jubilee Bridge across the Hooghly. The bridge, which was built in 1887 to mark the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria’s reign, is one of the oldest operational rail bridges in the world.

The main altar houses the statue of Our Lady of Holy Rosary. The other two altars contain statues of Jesus and St John Bosco.

The Imambara is the other landmark of Bandel. The imposing structure was built in the memory of philanthropist Hazi Mohammad Mohsin over 20 years. It was completed in 1861. A three-storey structure connecting the towers contains a clock on the top floor. The lower floors contain the bells and the clock machinery. These are out of bounds for visitors.

How to reach

Bandel is 43km from Kolkata and easily accessible by road. Take Belghoria Expressway and then National Highway 2. The drive will take about an hour. Local trains are available to Bandel from both Howrah and Sealdah throughout the day. 



Hugli-Chinsura or Chuchura is a city in the state of West Bengal. It lies on the Hooghly River, 35 km north of Kolkata. It is located in the district of Hugli and is home to the district headquarters.

The town of Hooghly-Chuchura was founded by the Portuguese in 1579. But, the district has thousands of years of rich heritage in the form of the great kingdom of Bhurshut. The city flourished as a trading port and some religious structures were built. One such structure is a Church dedicated to a Charismatic statue of the Mother Mary brought by the Portugese. The church was renovated in 1980s and has been declared as a basilica by the authority of Rome.

The Dutch Cemetery

The cemetery is located 800 meters west of the Old Dutch fort. The southern part contains the 22 remaining Dutch tombs. The cemetery is now a protected monument and is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

The Dutch Villa

The Dutch villa is a court building situated west of the Maidan and possibly dates from the 18th century.

Both Chinsurah and Hooghly played an active role in the Bengal renaissance and the Indian independence movement. "Vande Mataram", India's national song, was composed by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhay at Joraghat in Chinsurah.

In modern days Chinsurah is known as Chuchura and Chunchro. It is a historic station on the Howrah-Burdwan main line of the Eastern Railway. Chinsurah is one of the most beautiful town in Hooghly district. It is connected with Kolkata by train, bus. 



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