MEDINIPUR is the headquarters of the Paschim MEDINIPUR district. It is only a short distance away from Kharagpur, about 112 kms from Kolkata. It is home to the oldest Indian Institute of Technology - a world famous institution. Medinipur is connected not only to larger cities in the region, but also to smaller towns and villages in the district. Medinipur Railway Station is on the Howrah-Adra and Howrah- Purulia express train routes. A bus terminus serves the greater Midnapore area, and there are many bus routes to smaller towns in the nearby districts.

Attractions & Activities


The Southern West Bengal is endowed with the most beautiful beach on the eastern coast of India – Digha. The beach town of Digha is famous for flat, hard beaches. The beauty of this place was discovered in the days of Warren Hastings. Digha was known as Beercool at that time. The Digha beach is girdled with casuarinas plantations along the coast.

Digha is easily accessible by road from Kolkata, Asansol, Bardhaman, Durgapur, Suri, Bankura and Jamshedpur and partly by rail (up to Kharagpur). The last part of the trip – between Kharagpur and Digha, 123 km has to be taken by bus or by car. Bus Services: Frequent bus services, available from morning to evening. Digha is 174 km by road from Kolkata. By Road: Only 4-hour drive by car from Kolkata. By Train: Direct train up to New Digha (from Shalimar Station of Howrah).

Chandaneswar An old Siva temple, 8 km from Digha. Also Lankeswari (14 km) and Kapal Kundala Temple (45 km),an ancient temple associated with Bankimchandra's novel "Kapal Kundala" that is near Contai may be visited.

Shankarpur, only 14 km east of Digha, along the Digha-Contai Road, an almost virgin beach as yet, is a recent discovery. It is considered to be the twin of Digha, around 10 km from it. It offers nearly all the pleasures of a private beach. This beach too is cupped with casuarina plantations. It is also a fishing harbour. Shankarpur developed as a sea resort, with hotels, tourist lodges and other facilities. Other accommodations such as Guest Houses of the Fisheries Department and lodges under Benfish and small private places for accommodation are also available.
Accommodation: BENFISH 033-23554931, 9831033181

Tamluk is the site of the ancient city known as Tamralipta or Tamralipti. The present town is located on the banks of the Rupnarayan river close to the Bay of Bengal. According to some scholars, the city's name has been derived from the Sanskrit word, Tamra Lipta, which means "full of copper". Some special religious places of interest in Tamluk are Barghobhima, Mandir, Harir Mandir and Mahaprabhur Dalan, Jishnu-Hari Mandir, Radhamadhav and Radharaman Mandir, Ramkrishna Mission Sevashram, and Sanatan Shakti Peeth.

Junput is 177 km from Kolkata and 40 km from Digha; it also has a beautiful sea beach. The place offers spectacular sea-view and lines of casuarina trees. The beach is unspoilt. Brackish water fish cultivation and research are done here by the State Government Fisheries Department. For accommodation, there is an Inspection Bungalow under the Superintendent of Fisheries and a few private hotels.

Mandarmoni 167 km from Kolkata it is a picnic resort that has recently become popular among tourists; it is a 13 km long virgin beach. Plenty of private hotels are available here. The place gets its name from the millions of red crabs roaming on the beach which look like the red mandar flower. The serenity of the beach is attracting a lot of tourists especially from Kolkata.


Haldia is situated at a distance of 94 kms from Kolkata and is a major seaport and industrial belt. Haldia is being developed as a major trade port for Kolkata, intended mainly for bulk cargoes. Hotels are available for business as well as leisure travellers. Rooms in Haldia Bhawan, developed by Haldia Development Authority can be booked online. To book rooms in Haldia Bhawan please click on this link.


Jhargram, from Kolkata 181 km , Jhargram is the paradise of nature lovers with bountiful forests of sal, mahul, wild elephants, deer and birds. The ancient temples, royal palaces, folk tunes and rhythms of tribal make it all the more attractive destination of tourists who love to discover the unknown and unaffected beauties of nature.

Belpahari, 35 km from Jhargram, is a major tourist destination in Midnapore District. It is a forest paradise under the Dolma Hills, located at a distance of 45 km from Jhargram. Foothills at Belpahari are thickly forested by a variety of tropical trees. Shaal, mahua, piyal, sonajhuri, shirish and eucalyptus are some of the common hardwood trees.

Kankrajhor, 253 km from Kolkata and 73km from Jhargram, is a trekking wonderland in the tropical, hilly forestlands of Midnapur. 'Kankra' means 'hills', while 'jhor' means jungles and forests. Kankrajhor comprises of 9,000 hectares of hardwood trees including kusum, shaal, segun or teak, mahua and akashmani. Cashew nuts, coffee and oranges are cultivated at Kankrajhor.

Hatibari, 62 km from Jhargram is situated amidst Forest about 24 Kms. Besides the river Subarnarekha is Hatibari. It is surrounded by different types of trees. Few tents are strewn in this place for tourists. It is a beautiful place. From here about 3 Kms far is Jhilibandh. Sunrise and sunset can be seen form this place. Accommodation: Forest-033-24797392, 03221-255010

Parimal Kanon
Parimal Kanon, Picnic Spot, 5 min walk from Chandrokona Road Railway station, 156 km from Kolkata. Accommodation: Forest Department 033-22482504

Arabari Forest Range
Arabari Forest Range, 35 km from Mednipore, is the contiguous with the Dalma range of East Singhbhum, Jharkhand. The centre of the range is 30 km from Midnapore town. The predominant tree of the forest is sal (Shorea robusta). A number of elephants also travel down from the Dalma range into Arabari and often encroach and attack villages in West Midnapore.

How to Reach
All the places of interest in Medinipur are very well connected with Kolkata by road and rail.
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