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Terracotta Pottery & Artifacts
The most famous art form of Bishnupur is terracotta work. Apart from the temples, terracotta pottery, artifacts and even jewellery are popular.
Baluchari Sarees

One of the most exquisite sarees in India called the Baluchari sarees are created by craftsmen of this place. The silk strands are dyed separately and then put into a loom. Designs are woven with the help of a series of punch cards that are hung from the top of the loom. These punch cards are rectangular pieces of cardboard with hundreds of holes punched according to the design. The colored strands pass through these holes and fall into place very precisely on the loom. One saree may have an entire episode from the Mahabharata woven into its border and pallu.

Bahadur Khan of Delhi, who was the descendant of the great Tansen Bahadur Khan, started Bishnupur Gharana of Hindustani Music. Raghunath Singh Dev, who was particularly fond of music, brought Bahadur Khan to Bishnupur. Under Bahadur Khan, Hindustani Classical music flourished. This was the root of the famous Bishnupur Gharana, which has given eminent modern exponents such as Gyanchandra Prasad Goswami, Ramesh Bandhopadhyay, and many others.
Dokra metal craft
Dokra system of metal casting is said to be oldest form of metal casting and is technically known as ‘cire perdue' or lost wax process. A replica of the desired product is made with wax on a clay core with all its finer details of designs and decorations. A few coats of finely prepared clay paste is applied over the model and dried in the shade. The technique of casting revolves round replacement of wax with molten metal by the traditional hollow casting method. Brass scrap in generally used as raw material.
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